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Central kitchen | How to maximize the functions of the central kitchen

 时 间:2020-12-21

 In recent years, well-known restaurants such as Hehegu, Jiahe Yipin, Xiabuxiabu, Qingfeng Steamed Buns, Meizhou Dongpo, etc., which have rapidly emerged in the capital, are supported by powerful central kitchens without exception.

The so-called central kitchen refers to a factory with independent premises, facilities and equipment established by catering chain enterprises. The main production process is to make raw materials into finished or semi-finished products according to the menu, and distribute them to various chain stores for secondary heating or sales combination and then sell them to customers. It can also be directly processed into finished products or sales combination and then directly distributed and sold to customers. The function of the processing center is the primary function of the central kitchen, so the investment in the central kitchen and daily operating costs have been spent on this function.
Semi-finished products processing: management mechanism pays attention to information feedback to avoid leakage management
Centralized processing involves process standardization and complex production management. In general, various companies have been constantly thinking about improving the process, and after the processing volume has increased, unified processing has been realized. After repeated experiments and specific parameters have been obtained, the standardization of the process will steadily advance.
But the first difficulty in upgrading from kitchen management to central kitchen management is production management. The production method has changed, and the processing methods, the quality requirements of production, and the management requirements of production have undergone tremendous and profound changes. The management methods, methods, management work content, and focus must undergo profound changes.
In fact, everyone knows that an effective and complete production management mechanism must be established, but the final result is not ideal. Why? Management is actually a continuous PDCA cycle from the behavioral point of view, mainly composed of two actions-instructions and feedback. The consequence of the lack of effectiveness and completeness of the production management mechanism is that many things such as production costs and production quantities feel uncontrollable, such as the quantity of clean vegetables delivered to stores and the quantity of various semi-finished products.
The mechanisms established by most companies usually have no problems in command actions, but there is no effective mechanism in feedback actions. The PDCA cycle is actually interrupted. So it seems that there is management, but in fact there are no effective control measures, and production management is in a state of no control or even out of control.
Therefore, the central kitchen must improve and optimize the production management mechanism, and replenish the brain from the management mechanism, rather than simply invest in the managed hardware equipment and management software. At the same time, the entire production management structure must be flattened, and the plugging management has little effect other than lowering efficiency and higher costs.
Cold chain distribution: strengthening and sales,
Data connection between order and production management system
A perfect cold chain is the foundation of the entire distribution system. We must pay attention to the investment in the cold chain. Otherwise, many distribution measures will have to replace the incomplete cold chain. The result is to increase the number of distributions and reduce the types of centralized production and distribution in the central kitchen. Attention should also be paid to the use of various logistics equipment (such as elevators). The investment in logistics distribution will bring about the improvement of product quality and logistics efficiency, and the reduction of distribution costs.
However, the current central kitchen construction and operation is relatively professional in production, and the logistics is completely amateurish, and the investment in logistics and distribution is not considered enough, which is a common problem.
On the contrary, the docking depth of the store's sales data system, order system, and production management system determines the processing capacity of distribution data and the accuracy of distribution data. Therefore, chain catering has always emphasized and pursued the data connection between stores and central kitchens.
However, simply emphasizing and pursuing the depth of docking will cause unnecessary increases in various inputs and inadequacy of the management and operation system. The investment in software and hardware should be comprehensively considered based on the profitability and management level of the enterprise. In short, the distribution processing system should gradually increase the capacity of distribution processing in combination with the cold chain on the premise of increasing production capacity.
quality control:
Strengthen standardization management and supervision and inspection
Quality control is the sensory nerve of the chain catering production system. The department with the widest control in a company is the quality control department.
Quality control work is not only a technical work, let alone a pure hygiene management. Quality control is still a management work. This is not a word of mouth. It took more than 100 years for modern industry to learn and develop from quality inspection to quality control and then to quality management. Most of the quality management work of central kitchens is still in its infancy or even primitive stage. How to carry out this project?
The establishment of standards, the operation of the supervision and inspection mechanism, and the development of training are the three core tasks of the central kitchen quality management work. Focusing on these three cores, and implementing these three tasks in every way possible within the enterprise and the central kitchen, the quality management work will proceed smoothly.
As the old saying goes, "Everything must have a look." This "look" is the standard we talk about. The buns eaten every morning in the morning must have the shape of a bun. The weight, the amount of filling, the thickness of the bun, and the size of the hair must be the same. This is the standard. Having standards is just having tools. Whether the standards can be implemented and how to implement them are still questions, so there is a need for a supervision and inspection mechanism. Supervision and inspection mechanisms and standards need to be understood and accepted by everyone, which requires communication and education, so training must be carried out.
In the future, the central kitchen will distribute raw materials, semi-finished products and cold chain finished products to various units and universities, and ensure food safety for other catering units from the source. Eventually, it will form a point-to-face, coordinated development situation and give full play to the production scale benefits of the central kitchen. .
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