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Franchise | How to choose a location for a chicken shop

 时 间:2020-12-21

 In the catering industry, 80% are small business operators who have neither personal connections nor financial strength. When choosing a location, they often face the embarrassing situation of "what you want can't be rented, and those who can afford it don't want". Then, chicken chop What should the franchise store pay attention to when choosing a location?

According to a large number of store opening business data, residents and their income are one of the main factors affecting sales. Therefore, to see if a place works, it is necessary to objectively analyze the composition of the population in this place. First analyze the consumer groups that your store is facing, and then analyze the surrounding consumer groups, including consumer spending power, occupational gender and other aspects, so as to determine where to open a store is more appropriate.
Competition around chicken chop shops
For chicken chop, no matter where you choose to open a store, competition is inevitable. Therefore, you must analyze the competition before opening a store, and see if there are many chicken chop franchise stores in the local area, and you must not choose to have more stores. If you want to open a store in a place, unless your store has unparalleled advantages, you must carefully consider it and choose after careful inspection, so as to ensure that the store is more competitive.
Chicken chop shop scale
When choosing a location for the store, you must first determine the scale of your own store. The scale can be determined from two aspects. One is your investment intention and capital situation, and the other is the number of surrounding consumers. If the funds are sufficient and the surrounding consumption If the crowd is sufficient, then you can open a chicken chop franchise store of an appropriate size, and then decide whether to rent or buy after determining the size.
Catering franchise is a development model of specialty catering. After many catering companies have developed high-quality catering industrial foods, they have expanded their brands through chain operations and franchise operations to achieve capital expansion.
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