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Cold chain logistics | "Shanghai Cold Chain" information system goes online for trial operation

 时 间:2020-12-21

 The Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau stated that in order to further prevent the import risk of imported cold chain foods, in accordance with the principles of scientific prevention and control, precise prevention and control, personal protection, and closed-loop management, the closed-loop control of “three points and one library” will be more efficient and more effective. Precise. Shanghai is exploring the establishment of an information system for the "Shanghai Cold Chain", which is currently on-line for trial operation.

The "Shanghai Cold Chain" information system checks the inspection information of the port inspection point, the delivery data of the transportation pick-up point, the transportation data (GPS data), the purchase and shipment traceability information of the first storage point, and the elimination and elimination of the transit inspection library. Nucleic acid detection information and other data can realize closed-loop control and intelligent management of imported cold chain food.
"Three points and one database" full-process management to achieve precise control
Through the "Shanghai Cold Chain" epidemic-related food emergency response management platform, data docking with Yitong, SIPG, transportation and other departments will be realized, and the whole process management of "three points and one database" will be realized to realize data between various departments. Intercommunication and information sharing help each district-level supervisory authority to achieve precise control over vehicles from the port pick-up point to the first storage point and containers to the transit inspection warehouse.
Remote video surveillance to improve supervision efficiency
Install remote video surveillance systems in the unloading areas, nucleic acid detection areas, and cargo disinfection areas of all transit inspection warehouses in this city, with functions such as video surveillance inspections, comprehensive cold chain food epidemic prevention analysis and inquiry, and early warning information inquiry. Remote monitoring, check the disinfection and sampling situation of the transit inspection warehouse, improve the supervision efficiency and intelligent supervision level.
"Shanghai Cold Chain" WeChat Mini Program helps trace the source
Through the two ports of the "Shanghai Cold Chain" WeChat Mini Program, the enterprise end and the supervisory end, enterprises are encouraged to implement the main responsibility, upload personnel health, cold chain enterprise information, detection and elimination, traceability information management and other information. At the same time, the supervision department can timely grasp the relevant epidemic prevention and control information of cold storage enterprises through the supervision end, and discover problems in time.
In order to better promote the development of China’s catering industry-cold-chain logistics industry, Gordon Commercial and relevant authorities are scheduled to hold the “2021 China Catering Industry Expo” (abbreviated as China Catering Industry Expo) at the National Convention and Exhibition Center-Shanghai Hongqiao from May 06 to 08, 2021 :CIE CHINA). During the exhibition, international import and export food (meat) policies and laws and regulations exchange meeting, central kitchen construction and innovation development forum, microwave heating and catering packaging materials summit, cold chain logistics and catering supply chain development summit forum, and new catering retail will also be held during the exhibition. Forum activities such as industry summits such as the Extreme Entrepreneurship Conference and the Selection Conference of Restaurant Chain Franchise Brands. GOLDENEXPO, the organizer of CIE CHINA, hopes to focus on the latest market information and business opportunities in the industry through the combination of exhibitions and activities, and the rich content of exhibitions and forums to deliver the latest and most comprehensive industry to industry insiders and all walks of life News.
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