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The 6th China Catering Industry Expo 2020 ended successfully on October 22

 时 间:2020-12-21

 At 4 pm on October 22, 2020, the 6th China Catering Industry Expo 2020 (CIE CHINA), which lasted for 3 days, ended successfully in Hall 2.2H of Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the care and support of governments at all levels, competent units, embassies (consulates), international organizations, industry associations, trade organizations, and business representatives, satisfactory results have been achieved in this exhibition! A total of 958 booths were set up in the exhibition, and the exhibition area reached 30,000 square meters. A total of 56,168 people came to visit and purchase. Under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, the success of this China Catering Industry Expo was held to promote industrial economic growth and consumption. The market recovery has injected strong momentum.

This exhibition is organized around the form of "activity + exhibition + conference". During the exhibition, Sentai Butter-China Hot Pot Industry Conference, Lam Soon Cup-The 4th Shanghai Butterfly Cake Skills Competition, Taiwan special product promotion activities, tourist catering services (air, cruise and train) and tourist special food buyers were also held. Meet and greet, the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Food and Culture Exhibition Area, the Taiwanese Big Appetizer Competition, and the Shanghai special tourist food recommendation and licensing ceremony.
Sentai Butter-China Hot Pot Industry Conference is the highest-level industry event in China's hot pot industry jointly sponsored by the China Cuisine Association and Gordon Commercial. The event is based on the theme of "stimulating industrial power and driving business with new". Under the new crown epidemic, consumption has been hit hard, and catering bears the brunt. As an important catering business, hot pot has shown strong resilience and high growth during the recovery period during the fight against the epidemic. The purpose of holding this event is to promote the high-quality, efficient, healthy and sustainable development of China's hot pot industry and to stimulate the hot pot industry market. The hot pot committee was also held during the event.
In the Nanshun Cup-the 4th Shanghai Butterfly Cake Skills Competition, more than 50 contestants from nearly 20 famous Shanghai food companies, including Milk Shed, Harbin Food Factory, Shen Dacheng, Laoxiangzhai, Xinmai Foods, and Xinya, were on the same stage. In the competition, contestants from participating companies have made the butterfly pastry, a traditional European pastry, a Shanghai-style flavor, to celebrate the upcoming third CIIE, help start Shanghai’s “four major brands” and promote Shanghai’s food industry. Better development. Gao Kemin, executive vice president of the Shanghai Food Association, said that the butterfly pastry is one of the representative desserts that best represents the cultural characteristics of Shanghai Shanghai style. Through the competition, it can set off an upsurge of learning and comparing skills in the Shanghai food industry, enhance the overall strength of Shanghai's specialty tourist food, and promote Shanghai's food companies to innovate and take responsibility to keep pace with the latest and most trendy food trends in the world.
After an intense competition between groups and individuals, a review team composed of national baking judges conducted comprehensive evaluations and scores on the appearance, taste, characteristics, and form of the butterfly pastry products. Finally, 3 companies including Shanghai Xinmai Food Industry Co., Ltd. The enterprise won the group gold award; Jiang Fangyin won the individual gold award. Four companies including Shanghai Xinya Food Co., Ltd. won the group creativity gold award; Xu Weichuang won the personal creativity gold award.
The promotion activities of Taiwan specialty products focus on the display of high-quality Taiwanese baked goods, tea, wine, beverages and agricultural products, and promote and expand the market share of Taiwanese products in the Mainland by means of business negotiations; supplemented by corporate image and brand culture display , To display the products and brand image of Taiwanese food companies in the form of special decorations and standard booths, thereby enhancing the reputation of Taiwanese cuisine and promoting Chinese food culture.
Tourism catering services (airlines, cruise ships, trains, etc.) and tourist specialty commodity buyer meeting is one of the important business activities of this SFDF Shanghai Sugar and Wine Fair. The organizer specially invites many domestic and foreign airlines, airport groups, cruise companies and The main procurement management departments of many tourism catering companies such as railway passenger transport have set up procurement centers on the spot respectively to conduct one-to-one procurement negotiations with participating exhibitors, and collect samples and information from suppliers.
China Catering Industry Expo is a food, beverage and catering product exhibition organized by Gordon Group, which has accumulated hundreds of thousands of excellent domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers by virtue of its decades of experience in the organization of exhibitions and conferences in the field of catering and food in China. The exhibition will serve as an important platform and window for product display, business forums, political and business interactions, trade exchanges, competitions and cultural exchanges in the global catering industry in China. Gordon China will continue to provide global exhibitors and buyers with better services.
The China Catering Industry Expo will be based on the strong demand of the Chinese consumer market, with its unique location advantages and the influence of international metropolises, and strive to become the top influential catering industry event in the Asia-Pacific region. Golden Commercial, the organizer of this China Catering Industry Expo, hopes that through the holding of the exhibition, it can help catering and food companies grasp the consumption status and development trends, build a good communication platform, and provide domestic distributors for production companies and product sales. Finding distributors, agents, and establishing a marketing system provide a trade platform that cannot be missed.
Thanks to China Catering Industry Expo
Support and participation of exhibitors, industry professionals, media, business associations, etc. to this exhibition
May 6-8, 2021
The 7th China Catering Industry Expo
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