China Catering Expo 2021(Second Phase)
MAY 20-22, 2021丨National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao•Shanghai
About CIE
China Catering Industry Expo (CIE CHINA) is the first professional exhibition to put forward the concept of catering industry since the New China is founded. It’s a procurement event only focusing on the whole food chain of catering industry in China at the present. The exhibition is based on the development status of China's catering industry and the necessity of industrial development of catering to break the consumption habits of traditional food industry and establish the leading position of catering industry, which was founded by Golden Commercial (GOLDENEXPO), a well-known exhibition organization. At the same time, the exhibition takes “Focus on the future development of China's catering industry”as its theme through the interaction and penetration of different exhibits to promote the whole food chain of catering industry. The exhibits cover six major sectors of the catering industry, including new food materials and condiment, central kitchen and integration, food packaging technology and materials, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, new catering retail and restaurant chain alliance. CIE CHINA will rely on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and huge market demand and create an Asia Pacific top influential procurement event of catering industry.
New Opportunity
In order to promote the development of China's catering industry, Golden Commercial and related industry institutions will hold the “The 7th China Catering Expo 2021”(CIE CHINA) on MAY 20-22, 2021 at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.The exhibition area is expected to exceed fifty thousand square meters. And it will attract more than eighty thousand professional visitors from the catering field to come to visit and purchase. Therefore, CIE CHINA will become the best platform for catering trade procurement and getting forward-looking information!
Major Exhibits
• New Food Materials: meat, seafood, vegetable and fungus, fast food, seasoning ingredients, other ingredients, etc.
• Central Kitchen: Central kitchen equipment, food processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, ventilation equipment, washing and disinfection equipment, kitchen supplies, conditioning equipment, etc
• Food Packaging : Packaging machinery, packaging materials and products, disposable food boxes, tableware, food testing, label packaging, and code spraying machines, etc.
• Cold Chain Logistics: refrigerated freezing transportation equipment, refrigerating materials and accessories, food preservation equipment, cold chain storage and handling equipment, cold chain information system, etc.
• : Internet add catering new brands, unmanned restaurants, unmanned convenience stores, catering information management system and information equipment , etc.
• Restaurant Chain: traditional meals, large chain restaurants, fashion theme restaurants, coffee and drinks, fast food, hotpot, cake shop chain.
Target Audiences
• Relevant organizations and associations of various countries, institutions in China, trade institutions, international buyers China purchasing office,international trade institutions, etc.
• Organizations, enterprises and institutions of catering industry, manufacturers, importers, distributors, traders, retailers, experts and scholars and related media and other professionals of catering ingredients supply.
• Catering enterprise executives of catering enterprises, catering chain enterprises, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, troops, hospitals, airlines, cruise ships, trains and other fields.
• Investors and franchisees of hotel and catering, financial institutions, developers of commercial real estate, owners, property management companies, hotel operators, training institutions, design firms, manufacturers and distributors of supplies, etc.
• E-commerce industry: designers and technicians of catering, buyers of such sites, etc.
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